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Further to Miller's nonsense about Hitler

Alice Miller wrote:
The liberation of Germany and the destruction of the Jewish people down to the last Jew, i.e., the complete removal of the bad father, would have provided Hitler with the conditions that could have made him a happy child growing up in a calm and peaceful situation with a beloved mother…

The example of Hitler's childhood allows us to study the genesis of a hatred whose consequences caused the suffering of millions…

It would be a highly instructive and rewarding task to make Hitler's entire political career comprehensible from the perspective of the history of his persecution in early childhood...

Little Adolf could be certain of receiving constant beatings; he knew that nothing he did would have any effect on the daily thrashings he was given. All he could do was deny the pain, in other words, deny himself and identify with the aggressor... This state of constant jeopardy is reflected very clearly in the fate of the Jews in the Third Reich…

A child who has been required to don the armor of "virtue" at too early an age will seize upon the only permissible discharge; he will seize upon anti-Semitism (i.e., his right to hate), retaining it for the rest of his life. It is possible that Hitler did not have easy access to this discharge, however, because it would have touched upon a family taboo. Later, in Vienna, he was happy to shed this silent prohibition, and when he came to power he needed only to proclaim this one legitimate hatred in the Western tradition as the highest Aryan virtue.

Had he made the entire world his victim, he still would not have been able to banish his introjected father from his bedroom, for one's own unconscious cannot be destroyed by destroying the world.
Statements such as the above in Alice Miller’s chapter on Hitler in For Your Own Good are so ridiculous when considering history, as shown in my previous post, that it’s unnecessary to rebut this nonsense again. But even if it’s unnecessary I’d like to add something to the historical context of my previous entry.

There’s a world of difference between reading Miller while one has absorbed so much historical disinformation and historical mendacity, and after one is unplugged from that Matrix of political correctness. In Mein Kampf Hitler describes his own lightning experience that revaluated his values concerning the Jewish Question. Starting on page 52 in Ralph Manheim’s translation, Hitler wrote:
For the Jew was still characterized for me by nothing but his religion, and therefore, on grounds of human tolerance, I maintained my rejection of religious attacks in this case as in others. Consequently, the tone, particularly that of the Viennese anti-Semitic press, seemed to me unworthy of the cultural tradition of a great nation. I was oppressed by the memory of certain occurrences in the Middle Ages [pogroms], which I should not have liked to see repeated.
On page 55, however, after realizing how Jewry was taking over Vienna, Hitler confessed:
My views with regard to anti-Semitism thus succumbed to the passage of time, and this was my greatest transformation of all. It cost me the greatest inner soul struggles, and only after months of battle between my reason and my sentiments did my reason begin to emerge victorious. Two years later, my sentiment had followed my reason, and from then on became its most loyal guardian and sentinel.
I’ve said that Miller, who in fact was born in a Jewish family, was ignorant about the Jewish Question. It’s natural, therefore, that she seemed to have ignored humane passages of Hitler's book such as the above. In fact, Miller wrote: “there probably had never before been a person with Hitler's power to destroy human life on such a scale with impunity…”

Was the renowned psychologist ignorant of the fact that, even if the six million figure of killed Jews is correct, Mao committed a genocide about ten times that figure? And that Lenin, Stalin and their Jewish commissars killed about twenty million of innocent people? Did Miller ever hear the name Genrikh Yagoda, the greatest murderer of white people in the 20th Century? Yagoda was a Jew: the GPU’s deputy commander and the founder and commander of the NKVD. He diligently implemented Stalin’s collectivization orders and was responsible for the deaths of at least ten million people. His Jewish deputies established and managed the Gulag system.

Miller, who seemed to ignore all of the above, wrote:
I asked myself what the childhood of this person [Hitler] had been like, a person who was possessed by hatred all his life and for whom it became so easy to involve other people in his hatred.
Forget the Jews for a moment. What about asking ourselves what the childhood of Hitler had been when considering someone possessed by such love for his people? Just compare Hitler and the National Socialist men with the current German and Scandinavian elites who have their people into a path of demographic dilution (and eventual extinction---cf. Mark Steyn’s saying “I will miss the Swedish blondes when they are extinct”).

Miller wrote:
All it took was a Führer's madness and several million well-raised Germans to extinguish the lives of countless innocent human beings in the space of a few short years.
This is inverted reality. Lenin and Stalin started an holocaust larger than the one attributed to Hitler long before Hitler became Chancellor. The Germans reacted to Bolshevik communism and the Red Terror, perhaps too hastily with their Operation Barbarossa. As a nationalist blogget put it, Hitler won most seats and was given the Chancellorship by the German elite in 1933: the year after the Jewish Bolsheviks deliberately starved six million Ukrainians to death. Can there be any real doubt that the threat of the Bolshevik terror influenced both the German voters and the decision to give Hitler the Chancellorship? Why isn’t this taught in the schools? As to Miller's claim that "all it took was a Führer’s madness and several million well-raised Germans to...," it was an England ruled by a Jew-sympathizer, not Germany, the one that started the war (cf. again my previous post and search for the word “Churchill”).

Miller wrote:
A child whose father does not call to him by name but by whistling to him as though the child were a dog has the same disenfranchised and nameless status in the family as did "the Jew" in the Third Reich. Through the agency of his unconscious repetition compulsion, Hitler actually succeeded in transferring the trauma of his family life onto the entire German nation.
I’ve said that statements such as these have been so thoroughly debunked through my excerpts taken from a scholarly book that it’s unnecessary to rebut the nonsense again. However, the above comment reminds me my critique of one of Alice Miller’s foremost colleagues, Lloyd deMause and his psychohistorians. I refer to an incredibly silly article of the Journal of Psychohistory by Madeleine Gómez. Like the above analytic interpretation of the mind of Hitler by Miller, according to Gómez the whole Spanish conquest of the Americas was a reenacting of “the birth trauma.” Gómez also claimed that the Spanish and Portuguese endeavors to conquer the seas were “attempts to surmount the birth trauma.” This is the sort of lunacy that gives an ill name to child abuse studies. Anyway, Miller wrote:
At the same time, the racial laws represented the repetition of the drama of Hitler's own childhood. In the same way that the Jew now had no chance to escape…
No: racial laws in a mere decade of National Socialism were analogous to racial laws among the Jews through the millennia. Furthermore, the goal was the same: to protect one’s own ethnic group against the gene pool of the surrounding peoples. Keep in mind that Miller herself was the product of such Jewish racial laws among her ancestors. She wrote:
Perhaps no better commentary can be found to illustrate Hitler's legendary powers of seduction: whereas the Jews represented the humiliated, defeated side of his childhood self…
Once again, this reminds me what I said about self-styled “psychohistorian” Madelaine Gómez. This sort of nonsense, relatively common in some exponents of child abuse studies, moved me to sever ties with my former colleagues. I’ve refused any contact with them unless and until they publish---as I did---painful autobiographies. (By avoiding heavy psych info about themselves my former colleagues take refuge in fantastic theories that place the burden of guilt onto convenient scapegoats instead of their own abusive parents.)

Miller wrote:
The persecution of people of Jewish background, the necessity of proving "racial purity" as far back as one's grandparents, the tailoring of prohibitions to the degree of an individual's demonstrable "racial purity"--all this is grotesque only at first glance.
Since Miller rejected Judaism in her adult life, it is unsurprising that she didn’t see any similarity between the Laws of Nuremberg and the racial laws of her family. The rationale behind the Laws of Nuremberg was to ascertain that a genuine German citizen would not be a subversive crypto-Jew, a sort of fake converso like those who plagued Spain after 1492. Did Miller ignore that through the millennia Jews have had incredible tough religious laws and regulations which purpose is to keep their gene pool uncorrupted from gentile “contamination”? (see the chapter “Genetic segregation of Jews and Gentiles” in Kevin MacDonald’s A People That Shall Dwell Alone). Miller saw the straw in the eyes of Germans and not the beam in her former tribe. About Klara Hitler she wrote:
If Hitler had really been loved as a child…
Was Miller ignorant that even hostile biographers of Hitler marvel about how humanely young Adolf mourned his dead mother? Miller then quoted a Hitler slanderer in the context of Hilter's relationship with his mother:
Stierlin writes: N. Bromberg has written about Hitler's sexual habits: "the only way in which he could get full sexual satisfaction was to watch a young woman as she squatted over his head and urinated or defecated in his face."

These grotesque claims would have to be corroborated by a reliable source before addressing them. To my mind these claims only show that, since Miller suffered under the Nazi regime, she could only think of the German Chancellor in terms of Allied propaganda.

For a vaccination against such historical disinformation and mendacity, see the best article I know about Adolf Hitler: "Some Thoughts on Hitler" by Irmin Vinson.

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  1. It is the nature of every mind to create coherency out of patterns of chaos - patterns that reflect the experiences of that individual. Models of reality and human behavior are just that: Models. They are useful in many ways, among them the ability to predict probabilities more accurately and to eliminate unnecessary suffering. No model is reality, but represents some dimension of reality. Alice Miller helped me understand and take healthy actions in my own life - thus presenting a useful model of reality. I think it behooves any critic of an honest and sincere person like Alice, willing to take heat to support people like myself, to show how their models of reality can help me or anyone else. I find nothing in this to refute Alice's insights because reality is complex enough that multiple models can illuminate some facet or other of reality. We like simple models or "one model" because it protects us from chaos, uncertainty and the unknown, something traumatized individuals need more protection from than others. But there will always be many models for reality and Alice offers more than most in terms of insight precisely because of her courage to think and feel for herself.